Friday, June 17, 2011

my Beyond Room !

"Beyond Room!"

This is what I call my room. “BeyondRoom,” sounds creepy but it is NOT!
It’s the comfiest place that I’ve ever slept-where I've wakened and created many dreams, and have even gotten some wet dream, lol. It’s small, has a colorful wall, my computer, some books, and one unique table that I designed by myself. For the table, I designed four themed spaces; sea life, a farm, natural brown pieces and the clouds.

Yeah, here it is!
wellcome to my BeyondRoom


  1. makasih udah dikasih kesempatan untuk tidur disini 2x :D

  2. Ditunggu kedatangannya lagi Bang BoloT..... :D dengan senang hati, anggap rumah dan keluarga sendiri :D


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