Friday, July 29, 2011

Jember Fashion Carnaval X

Jember Fashion Carnaval X was held in July 24th 2011.
It was the first decade of JFC with the theme is Eyes of Triumph.

JFC is the one of the most spectacular carnival in the world. Very entertaining. with the longest catwalk is 3,6 km. Has more hundreds of talents with particular costume. The designer are designing their own costume, wearing and performing by themselves. They are performances through the main street, act, dancing and pose. It serves a great fashion, colorful, gorgeous and full of passion. Also a hundreds of photograper, journalist and media are ready to hunts during show time.

JFC X "Eyes of Triumph", was classified into 10 devile themes, are :
Royal Kingdom - Punk - India - Athena - Tsunami - Bali - Borneo - Roots - Animal plant - Butterfly
Here they are:


  1. weeesss mantap joss rekkk foto fotone,,, beda sama kamera poket hahaha

  2. weizzz... pinter inggrisan rek,,, pasti nggae google translate hahaha

  3. mantap.. kerenn..
    saya izin Ctrl+S y cz ada foto saya di atas..
    trima kasih..

  4. joss kang... ijin nge tag ke fb ya kang..


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