Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Logo

At last i was finished of my Logo design. That requested by my eksBoss the President of Tunas Hijau , here there are...

Eco Mobile Logo

This logo is for environment education program. Where the car is modified like a library.
There are alot of environtment book. Everyone can borrow some and it is free. The car is usually stay on a park where alot of peoples and childs plays there.

Jakarta Eco School

This Logo is for Jakarta Eco School that absolutely based on Jakarta Area.
The purpose is how to prevent Jakarta from the damage. Chance the bad habbit into a good habbit in life. Strating in younger, hopefully is more usefull and so on.

Hope those programs will running usefull.
give the real advantages in life. For the future. For the world.
Good Luck then!

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