Wednesday, March 2, 2011


it's a long time not to meet with her, for about 3 years.
She's so kind women, nice, funny, n pretty.
and i really miss her, Yuka.
absolutely my family miss Yuka too, they are talking about Yuka, anytime.
such like"is Yuka fine?", "is her leg is already Good?", "when Yuka will come to Indonesia again?". I just answer it with smile, and "Yes, she is fine".
Sometime, i try to call her mobile. It's pretty good to hear her voices "Hai..Andi, genki?"
when i open my email, hopely i will receive her email, although im not get it hahaha...
here, i designing her picture while im working. :)
just enjoy it.

tribute to Yuka

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