Saturday, October 8, 2011

2nd Day - More Acts, Sleep Tight

September 29th, 2011

Good Morning Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa!!!
. . . . .

I opened my eyes in an unusual place, absolutely not in my messy room, I have been in the quiet Canary Palm Villa, Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa! Ammmazing morning! really liked the sea breeze! It seems that i won't to get out of bed and out of the blanket. ^_^

On this day we actually started its activity in the My Selangor Story 2011. Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa presents the atmosphere of the beach, we can do various sea activities there.. Such as sailing, swimming, beach volleyball, canoe, etc.

In addition to beach activities, Golden Palm Tree resort and spa also provides the facility to use a bicycle around the area, yeah,
we are lowrider lol ... we can observe mangrove forests, in some spots, local residents have been planting mangrove seedlings to keep the environment safe

. . . . .

Although the weather was very hot, all activities run smoothly. Anyway that day was time to explore Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa ...check the photoes!

. . . . .

after the doing alot of activities on the field for a whole day, it's exhausting, but Golden Palm Tree Resprt & Spa is able to pay it with a good serves, gives a comfortable place to rest. So...get more acts here and u will get a great rest!
. . . . .

What's on the Plate?!

. . . . .

Time To Pentax Shows UP!
as one of the sponsors, Pentax has lend us a Pentax camera to use during the tour. And I've got a pocket camera Optio P80. It was easy and simple.

For the 1st volume is i'll show u about the landscape that i've shot.

File Info :
Located are in Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa
For the last one was shot in Awana Hotels & Resorts, Genting Highlands
Camera is pocket camera Pentax P80

. . . . .

It was sponsored by :

Event Organizer : Horizon Communication

Official Tourism Board : Tourism Selangor

Official Airlines : Firefly

Official Hotel : Holiday Inn

Official Resort & Spa : Golden Palm Tree

Official Resort : Genting Highlands

Official Telco : The Cube

Official Restaurant : The Mix

Official Camera : Pentax

. . . . .

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