Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep On X-ist!

During stay in Selangor, nothing to worry about lost in communication with my family in Indonesia, and our girlfriend/boyfriend absolutely hahahah...because My Selangor Story gives us the sim card to be able to use our phone as well. Well ... X-pax has sponsored us during the activities. So we still can exist in cybernet by our cellphone. Facebook status updates on twittering as well to play. U are so easy to use.

Alhamdulillah i can contact to my family in Indonesia also. The cost of telephone or text message was also cheap. #wink...
thanx u so much X-pax to keep tour communications as well!

. . . . .

You can also browse the mobile content on The Cube.
Because in The Cube presents many interesting and entertaining features. Such as music, ringtone also an exciting game. So just check it on The Cube, now!

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