Saturday, October 8, 2011

3rd Day (Part I) – Move : Awana Hotel is Waiting!

September 30th, 2011

Heemmmm ... seems that i won't to leave this beautiful resort of Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa (But the other destination has been waiting us) what is that?!
Awana Hotels & Resorts, Genting Highlands

Awana Hotels and Resort is located in a resort which is situated on the plain cold. It serves so different taste from the previous one. Very Interesting!.....During the trip, God presents a beautifull nature, hills, green and fog, so natural! I love nature so much!

Awana Hotels and Resort welcomes the contestants warmly, gave a briefing about the concept of built Awana, Eco Tourismn! And I support it, we should be able to maintain our nature if we still want to enjoy it. Save our Earth Our fo children! Go green!

. . . . .

To starting the activity there, the contestants are invited to play Abseiling, one type of outbound activities. Yippieeee \(^_^)/

. . . . .

What a surprised? We'll live in a wooden house, not a luxury room. But it does not matter, because I'm used to natural hahahha ... closer to nature is fun. See where we live then?

. . . . .

Time To Pentax Shows UP!
As one of the sponsors, Pentax has lend us a Pentax camera to use during the tour. And I've got a pocket camera Optio P80. It was easy and simple.

For the 2nd volume is i'll show u about the Food that i've shot.

. . . . .

It was sponsored by :

Event Organizer : Horizon Communication

Official Tourism Board : Tourism Selangor

Official Airlines : Firefly

Official Hotel : Holiday Inn

Official Resort & Spa : Golden Palm Tree

Official Resort : Genting Highlands

Official Telco : The Cube

Official Restaurant : The Mix

Official Camera : Pentax

. . . . .

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