Saturday, October 8, 2011

4th Day (Part I) : Lost in Awana!

October 1st, 2011

Good Morning Awana Hotels & Resorts

The air was so cold that morning. And the air was still fresh, not contaminated yet. It caused there are lots of trees and forests. Hopefully will be maintained.

To starting the day, we were invited to jungle trekking. We are given time to enter the forest. Seeing what is there on the forest. That was interesting, but not enough time to explore the forest.

. . . . .

After out of the forest we took breakfast at Pasar Ikan Bakar. Hmmmmm I felt very hungry at that time. Wahhhhhh i've got Jakarta porridge there ... lol. Love thiz one.

. . . . .

After breakfast, time to pack the all of our stuff and ready to follow the next challange. "Tears of The Sun!" sounds weird but seems interesting! hahahha!
yeahhh we'll do the challenge, the Obstacle Course! needing much energy and compactness. We were divided into several groups. Each group consists of 4-5 people. I'm into the group 4th with Gita, Ridha and Lau.

some photoes are shot by Dian, thanx u so much fo sharing Dian.

To pass this challenge we must help each other. Because we will pass the ramp, wooden beams, mud pools and nets. What a great challange hah?! ^ ^

. . . . .

Everything are done, we packed up, showered and fashion up! Then back to the hotel for lunch...And......................Goodbye Awana Hotels and Resort,,,,,, thanx u for the forest, for the challange, for the meals also ^ ^. I've had a great time there.

. . . . .

What's on the Plate?!

. . . . .

Time To Pentax Shows UP!
as one of the sponsors, Pentax has lend us a Pentax camera to use during the tour. And I've got a pocket camera Optio P80. It was easy and simple.

For the 3rd volume is i'll show u about everythings around us can be object, that i've shot.

. . . . .

It was sponsored by :

Event Organizer : Horizon Communication

Official Tourism Board : Tourism Selangor

Official Airlines : Firefly

Official Hotel : Holiday Inn

Official Resort & Spa : Golden Palm Tree

Official Resort : Genting Highlands

Official Telco : The Cube

Official Restaurant : The Mix

Official Camera : Pentax

. . . . .

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